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What’s stopping you from writing your novel?

Indie Love

Written Word Wednesday

What’s stopping you from writing your novel?

Yes, you’re pumped about finally getting around to writing that book everyone and said you should write. You sit down at your desk, open your laptop, and stare at the empty computer screen. What’s stopping you from writing your novel? Why did you freeze, become paralyzed?

My theory here comes down to fear. You are questioning your ability to write. You are asking yourself, am I good enough? The answer is a resounding, yes! You have what it takes inside of you to bring your ideas to life on paper.

You may doubt yourself now, but once you start writing, everything will start flowing. Below are my sure-fire steps to overcoming your fears and write that novel that’s bursting to come out of you!

  1. Take a deep breath and thank your creator for giving you your distinct voice.

  2. Write down your why – why is this story relevant to you?

  3. Determine who this story is for.

  4. Journal – If you are feeling anxious, write out why.

  5. Go back and read some of your favorite authors not for the story but for technique - how they put the book together, plot, character development, flow

  6. If your book isn’t finished – just start writing your story/characters will lead you.

  7. Do a little bit of research on how to write a book.

  8. Get a coach – You can always hire me – I promise I would take your hand and walk you step by step through the process!

Your voice is essential. You have the right to have it heard. You never know, your words may just be what someone else needs to overcome adversity. You can do it!

You may have noticed, the blog name as changed to Indie Love ~ Written Word Wednesday. I believe it is imperative that we, as an industry shed light on all of the phenomenal independent authors. We have voices that need to be heard, and this is my tribute to all independent authors!

Until next time – Enjoy the journey!

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