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Where I’m Coming From!


Essential Living Blog

I started this blog as a journal entry. I was going through a transformation as my life simply wasn’t working for me. Everything that I did brought me no joy. I would try something new ~ no pizzazz. Everything I tried felt off. I didn’t know whether to turn left or right. I was at that proverbial crossroads. I wasn’t happy. Have y’all all ever experienced this, where nothing feels right?

I knew if there was going to be a change, it was up to me to activate that change. I started soul searching. I wrote down my likes and what got me revved up. I wrote my dislikes and why I dislike them. I even went way back into my childhood trying to connect the dots and get some insights into why I think the way I do. I discovered that my family and my environment shaped who I was today. I found that living in a big family, you didn’t have the luxury of developing your own identity. There was no individuality. You just became part of one big conglomerate – one big blob of people rolled into one.

Light bulb discoveries all over the place, right!! I thought I couldn’t be the only one who was trying to rediscover herself. This pandemic was good in the sense that it allowed everyone to slow down and find out what was truly important to them. For me, what’s important is family, friends, and giving a voice to the voiceless. It’s also imperative that I live in my authenticity and stop living the life that someone else designed for me. There is nothing more soul-sapping than living a life forced upon you. So, I am resurrecting my life!

This blog is about fighting through your fears, gaining courage, and living authentically. You deserve to live your best life. You deserve to live the life that makes a difference to you. Don’t apologize for your uniqueness. Don’t apologize for your differences. This is your life; truly live it!

Until we meet again, enjoy the journey!

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