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Why Did I Think I Could Write that Damn Book?

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Why did I think I could write that damn book? That’s a great question. I know some of you are sitting at your desks staring blankly into your computer screen, asking yourself for the hundredth time what Johnny should say to Meredith after he burst through the door. I know I see you. You’re stuck.

You want to slide that computer right off the desk and go have a glass of wine.

Well, I’ve been there. I’ve done just that sans sliding my computer off the desk - way too expensive to replace for a momentary lapse of judgment. One thing that’s helped me pick myself up, put the glass down, and write is identifying my “why.” Why I write, or better yet why I must write. For me, I can’t not write. (I know double negative – but work with me here!) It’s something in me that will not let me stop. I have so many stories swimming around in my head bursting to get out that I have to sit down and put them all on paper. For me, writing is like breathing, it’s necessary for me to live.

What’s your why? Why do you torture yourself agonizing over every character? Why do you sit at your computer endlessly obsessing, trying to get one particular scene perfect? Write the answer down. Place it in front of you, in your writing space. Your “why” looking at you every day will provide you the necessary fuel to keep going. You have it in you. You know why you write. Let your “why” drive you and spur you on. You got this!

Until next time – Enjoy the journey!

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