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Why I Write

The Whine-Wine Blog

Because every rant, rave or whine goes down better with a great glass of wine!!

I started writing journals years ago because I felt that no one was listening to me. When you grow up in a home with 8 children, you tend to get lost in the shuffle. Not to mention, my father was a strict disciplinarian. He believed that children should only speak when spoken too and didn't have any rights.

I then married my father, no not in the literal sense but figuratively speaking. My husband felt that I wasn't smart enough, mature enough, or whatever enough to speak and handle issues intelligently. My voice was stifled again.

I attempted my first book with a friend of mine, at least I thought she was a friend. The book was titled "Confessions of Two Bitter Ex-wives." Yes, I know! She was going through a divorce, and I had gone through one, and so we came up with this book idea. She was an experienced writer. I was a novice. I looked to her for guidance. I admired her.

The book was coming along. I was learning how to write and was looking forward to learning more about the publishing process. I kind of romanticized the process. You know, I'm this budding new author, writing this great new book – you get the picture.

But then things changed. I remember this distinctly, I received a call from a mutual friend of ours. He asked me if I spoke with my writing partner today. I said no. He proceeded to tell me that she was bad-mouthing our book project and that she wasn't going to be taking part in writing such trash! Whoa, I had no clue as to how and why all of this hatred came about.

I never confronted her. You see, my voice being stifled affected my self-esteem as well. We just slowly drifted apart. But one thing about me is I never give up. I never back down. I move forward. That's what I did with the book. What came out of it was a beautiful book called "From the Brink of Insanity Comes the Light." I wove my story of heartaches and pain into a fictional piece of art that still helps women face the pain they've gone through in their relationships, helping them deal with it and get help!

I've since written 3 novels, 1 poetry book and a how-to e-book. I'm working on my 4th an 5th novels. I choose to self-publish instead of traditional publishing because I want my voice heard. I want my words unfiltered. I don't want my words changed or altered so much so that you don't even know it's me.

I want that for others. I want to give a voice to the voiceless. I want everyone who has something to say, to say it, and be unapologetic about it! You deserve that! I don't apologize for anything I write, and I'm not fazed by what others think about my writing.

If you feel stifled, unheard, and invisible, contact me or sign up for my online course on self-publishing. I will help you. Let me be your writing coach. Contact me at to schedule your free 30-minute coaching session.

Until next time, enjoy the journey!

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I recently started my LLC. I teach the self-publishing process and help independent authors publish their body of work. I support all whether it’s fiction or non-fiction for fun or profit. To help my clients release their work, I am offering a free coaching session with me. Sign up at or send me an email at

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