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Woman Power

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Woman Power

Sigh – and a huge long sigh at that! Yes it’s now President Trump. Y’all that don’t even sound right! Trump has been in office all of 4 days and everyday he or his administration has lied about something! And of all things to lie about the attendees at his inauguration! Come on now! Really!

But in light of all this madness, there was one bright spot. The Woman’s March on Washington on January 21, 2017. It was an exciting, informative and powerful event that made a bold statement. That march on Washington sent a message loud and clear to Trump that women are important and that no man should ever tell her what she needs to do with her body! It was also a clear message to the administration that woman power is no joke and that women intend to challenge them every step of the way.

These powerful activist, artists and educators made their collective voices heard. That is so important. We as women need to continually stand up for what is important to us. We need to set the tone on how we are perceived. It is not ok to grab a woman by the crotch and say that she loves it.

Woman power is a force to be reckoned with. Have you ever come up against a woman with an agenda who had her mind made up? She was unstoppable and unmovable! We woman can drive agendas and create change. But each woman doesn’t have to do things on a grand scale. We can start with our local communities or within our own tribes. Think about your sister friends in your immediate circles. I got to tell you I cherish my sister friends. We continually sow in each other’s lives providing love, encouragement, and admonishment when needed and just that little push to keep going. We esteem each other and push each other to be strong, courageous, and fierce!

I’m a firm believer of giving a woman her props when she has it going on! I’m a bigger proponent of encouraging my sister friends with a kind word, uplifting them and providing undying support. I guard my relationships with them fiercely and strive to become a person that they can depend on as well as someone they can be comfortable being themselves with. No judgment here! In fact this past weekend I invited some of my closets friends over for cheesecake and wine. There was no agenda! We laughed. We talked. We ate. We had a great time. I felt that it was important to be in the company of positive powerful women to just re-charge. We all need that to continue on our individual journeys. Yes woman power is an important force to be reckoned with. In these times of the Trump administration it is going to be more important that we stick together to push the positive woman’s agenda!

More information on the woman’s march go to

Until next time – Enjoy the journey!

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