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Woman under Construction

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Because every rant, rave, or whine goes down better with a great

Introducing the 3rd installment from Poet, Blogger, Writer Nykeithia Johnson

Kick off your shoes and relax your feet. Wine on down to this "born into abuse" story just kicking it. Hey, ladies, grab your wine and men grab your hen. I know some of you may have felt so many emotions while reading my poem! Wondering what happened, am I still going through that, am I okay?

Figuring out how to come out of that type of depression is hard. I was born into a family of so much abuse. Let's talk about the Great Depression and a fragile heart. How about growing up feeling alone but everybody in the house is home. Any type of abuse you can name, I promise it has happened.

Let's just say for a little while I grew up without either parent in my home. Yet, I am amazed at who I have become. I'm healing, but the only baggage in my soul I'm carrying is a survivor, a warrior, a believer. Don't focus on what I've been through but on who I'm becoming. I share my story so that you can see the warrior in me.

To all my people out there struggling to heal, keep fighting you are a human under construction. Be mindful and careful with yourself. Protect self. Without self- control, you lose everything. Despite losing yourself, you begin taking yourself through things you don't have to go through.

HOLD IT TOGETHER, even when it feels like it's falling apart. Go listen to Shekinah Glory- Broken then Andra Day- Rise up. Keep fighting! I want to share with you something I wrote a couple of days ago it's called "Woman Under Construction."

Enjoy, until next Wednesday.

Woman under Construction

The devil is a lie !!! When I look in the mirror I see a lot of things and failure isn’t one. I’m sorry that you see negative things when you look at me BUT I AM LOVE, a woman under construction!

Some of you are so blind that you can’t even read between these black ass lines to even understand that silence means there has been some violence but, yet you are judging me. STOP crying, beautiful woman. This trail we were giving God knew what he was doing. He said he’ll get us through it. Jesus is able. So, when you’re going through the motion and your down and out. Just know you are a woman under construction.

There’s no potion for this mess so there’s no abracadabra and you’re healed. Yet baby girl you are blessed, instead of judging, you’ll have the mindset to help and love others. You are a miracle under construction!

Don’t let people take you through destruction. You know a tender heart when you see one. Don’t allow everyone to touch you, you’re fragile! You’re a woman under construction.

Heal beautiful creature it’s destined for you. Put down that gun and stop cutting your arm. You are beautiful! You are a woman under construction!

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