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You Are Enough


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People love to impose their values and morals on you. They want you to be just like them. I believe that is a way for them to validate themselves! We are brainwashed to look to others to see how we should act and behave. But ponder that thought for a moment. If you are like them, do you ever develop into who you are supposed to be? Are we creating a society of drones – people who cannot think for themselves or distinguish themselves from other people?

Growing up, we’ve all heard you should be more like your sister or brother. God forbid you lived in a sports-minded family, but you loved to read books and write. Or how many times did you hear we just don’t do that in our family? Here’s a good one, our family attends this college. Or we are democrats in this family. Or simply, that goes against our traditions.

This is not just in families. What about at work. You want to change something, and the first thing said is that goes against our company culture. People want you to conform, fit in, be like them. But what happens to you if you don’t feel right just following the pack? You get lost. You lose confidence in yourself. Some lucky souls simply go it alone and change the world! And yeah, that can be lonely.

Whatever you do, just know that you are enough. It is your birthright to figure out who You are and what You want to do. It’s ok if you like the color purple and everyone in your family likes blue. You have to create a world where you are comfortable and where you feel that you belong. Stop trying to fit in. Your uniqueness is your extraordinary power; walk in it!

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