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Skincare is Everything!

Having good skin is the key to a beat face!  I'm here to help with all of your skincare needs!

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Janice Brantle is an accomplished makeup artist and skincare guru who believes that good skin is a significant key to a beautiful face. She has a makeup artist certificate from the renowned Gwynnis Mosby Makeup Artist Training Center, Tucker, GA.


She is happiest working with brides, photo shoots, and making everyday women look gorgeous. In addition, she loves the whole creative process of working with teams to develop fun, fantastic content.


She is active in her community and recently took part in helping cancer survivors feel their beautiful best through the Survivor’s Nest organization. In addition, she writes a wholistic beauty blog called “Spirit.”

Coming Soon 

Mind Body Soul Spirit 


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We are a full-service makeup artistry and skincare company. 

You Will


  • Skin basics - textures and types

  • Potential skincare problems

  • Best products for specific skin types

  • Why it's important to protect your skin


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